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Testing Vert.x Applications With SpockFramework

I was recently working on a project for a client where Vert.x was the suggested tool for server-side development. Another requirement was the use of Behavior Driven Development (BDD). While Vert.x has an extensive unit testing modules, it is based on JUnit and does not lend itself to BDD. Having used SpockFramework with great success in the past, I decided to try it out on a completely reactive application and see if I could make it work. Long story short, it worked beautifully and in this post I will explain some of the concepts which make this possible. TDD, BDD, and ATDD are all pretty popular methods of improving software quality and speeding delivery of software products in this day and age. Unit testing, via the likes of JUnit, has become the norm. Behavior testing, using tools like Cucumber or SpockFramework, have been gaining in popularity as they allow for more consumable and understandable tests while simplifying the test writing experience for developers and quality assura…

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