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What IS Jest, And How Is It Related To A Vue 3 Project?

I was recently talking with a developer who said "TDD Ruins Weekend" and then proceeded on to "TDD ruins lives". The hyperbole was amusing, but seeing as how I was contracted to help teach TDD to that team it was pretty concerning. After patiently working my way through to understand the issues, it wasn't really TDD that the developer disliked, it was the lack of understanding of the tools involved with testing Vue apps. I have to agree there, because Vue is so new and so cutting edge there aren't yet as lot of resources on the web (especially for Vue 3). To help that situation, I promised the series of blog posts I have been sharing over the last few weeks and we're getting near the end of that series. This one, explaining about Jest, is meant to help disambiguate which tools do what when testing a Vue 3 app. So, back to our original question: "What IS Jest, ad how is it related to a Vue 3 project"? The answer is actually pretty simple, if a…

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