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Test First Development With Vue.js, Quasar, and jest-cucumber

As a long-time backend/services developer, I have never had much patience for writing front-end applications in all the latest and myriad JavaScript frameworks. Angular is too complex, React is not intuitive, etc... About a year ago, a colleague of mine at Red Hat's Open Innovation Labs introduced me to VueJS and my front-end development attitude was forever changed. Vue is, in my humble opinion, the easiest and most intuitive front-end framework yet. Modular code, reusable components, and simple interactions are only a small list of the virtues of the framework. In this post, I will help you get started with a simple VueJS application and show you how you can develop applications in a "Test First" approach. As suggested by the diagram above, 'Test First' means that we write a test before we write any code. You should create a test or tests which indicate your "finish line" for the work to be done before there is code which can make the test pass: We cal…

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